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What happens after you are released?

Upon release from the police station or court following a bail hearing, you will be assigned a date for your initial appearance before a justice of the peace. When represented by Randall Baran and Marcel Buchler, your presence will only be required when absolutely necessary, sparing you from attending this first court appearance and subsequent ones.

The initial appearance holds significant value, as it provides us with specific details about your case, such as the particulars of the charge(s), and for us to obtain the Crown disclosure, should it be available. The Crown disclosure may encompass witness statements, police notes, certain notices, and reports, essentially outlining the case against you.

However, it is crucial to understand that the Crown disclosure may not necessarily provide a complete picture of the evidence against you. Randall Baran and Marcel Buchler will thoroughly review this disclosure with you and, if necessary, request additional disclosure from the Crown.

Upon receiving the Crown disclosure, Randall Baran and Marcel Buchler will arrange a meeting with you to discuss its contents and the costs associated with progressing to the subsequent legal phase, which includes conducting a Crown pretrial. Entrusting your case to experienced professionals like Baran and Buchler ensures a thorough understanding and analysis of the charges against you, paving the way for an informed and strategic legal defence.

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