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What happens upon being arrested or charged?

Upon being formally charged, you may either be released at the scene or at the police station, or you might be kept in custody pending a bail hearing. It is paramount that you promptly seek legal counsel in the case of arrest or detention. Police officers are legally obligated to inform you of your right to speak to a lawyer.

If you are released at the scene or at the police station, we urge you to immediately contact Baran & Buchler at 416-801-8799 or 416-577-9129. Arrange a consultation with our legal secretaries to converse and/or meet in person with Randall Baran and Marcel Buchler. As highly experienced criminal defence lawyers with over three decades of experience and prior roles as Federal Prosecutors, their early involvement in your case is vital. Like everything else, memories tend to fade over time, which makes it crucial for us to start preparing your case as promptly as possible, even prior to your initial court appearance.

If you are not released and remain in custody for a bail hearing, reaching out to Randall Baran and Marcel Buchler will ensure that you not only receive advice about your rights, including the right to remain silent, but also aid in gathering essential details, such as potential sureties (individuals who could sign your bail). Regardless of the time of arrest - be it during regular business hours, late at night or in the early morning hours - Randall Baran and Marcel Buchler will commence work on your case immediately to expedite your release on the same or next day.

Your bail hearing can either be on consent, signifying the Crown's agreement to release you under certain conditions, or contested, indicating the Crown's opposition to your release. Numerous factors influence the Crown's decision to consent to a release, including any outstanding charges, the severity of the charges, and your criminal record, if any.

Randall Baran and Marcel Buchler possess extensive expertise in negotiating consent releases with the Crown or, alternatively, conducting contested bail hearings to secure your release before a justice of the peace. Leveraging their wealth of experience can be instrumental in navigating these legal complexities and achieving a favorable outcome in procuring your release from custody.

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